Sublime Text中文文档之 OS X命令行

Sublime Text包含一个命令行工具subl,用于在命令行上处理文件。这可以用于在Sublime Text中打开文件和项目,也可以用作unix工具的编辑器,例如git和subversion。


第一个任务是创建一个符号链接到subl。假设您已将Sublime Text放在Applications文件夹中,并且路径中有〜/ bin目录,则可以运行:

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime" ~/bin/subl


运行subl --help

Usage: subl [arguments] [files]         edit the given files
   or: subl [arguments] [directories]   open the given directories
   or: subl [arguments] -               edit stdin

  --project <project>: Load the given project
  --command <command>: Run the given command
  -n or --new-window:  Open a new window
  -a or --add:         Add folders to the current window
  -w or --wait:        Wait for the files to be closed before returning
  -b or --background:  Don't activate the application
  -s or --stay:        Keep the application activated after closing the file
  -h or --help:        Show help (this message) and exit
  -v or --version:     Show version and exit

--wait is implied if reading from stdin. Use --stay to not switch back
to the terminal when a file is closed (only relevant if waiting for a file).

Filenames may be given a :line or :line:column suffix to open at a specific


要使用Sublime Text作为提示输入的许多命令的编辑器,请设置您的EDITOR环境变量:

export EDITOR='subl -w'